Williams, Rod Assistant Principal
Killingsworth, Ben Principal
Barnes, Valencia Assistant Principal
Alexander, Maurice School Resource Officer
Agner, Coleen Staffing Specialist

Agner, Coleen Staffing Specialist
Aikens, Angenette Science
Chambers, Ronnie English
Coe, Michael Physical Education
Dyke, Monica Career and Technical Education/Allied Health
Fletcher, Catherine Guidance
Fletcher, Jason Career and Technical Educaiton/Criminal Justice
Griffin, Susanne Media Specialist
Gudz, Brigitte Math
Hicks, Caudette Language Arts/English
Hightower, William Social Studies
James, Gale Fine Arts - Spanish
Jefferson, Authur Math
Kalinowski, Lea Anne Social Studies
Krell, Andrea Science
Latner, Ruth Ann Math
Leslie, Tammy Physical Education
McHugh, Rose Science
Meinsen, Tim Physical Education
Phillips, Amanda Science
Presley, Glyndell Language Arts/English
Radel, Michael Career and Technical Educaiton/Business Technical Education
Sapp, Ed Agriscience
Sapp, Martha MCHS Bookeeper/Accountant
Shaver, Keri Senior English,Drama, Research
Smith, Donn Visual Art / Social Studies
Smith, Robin Family Consumer Science
Taylor, Joyce SWD
Thomas, Barbara Science
Thornton, Greta Nail Technology Instructor

Arnold, LaShon Media Clerk
Chancy, Evelyn Front Office Support/Secretary
Choice, Darlene CBI Aide
Cremeans, Ben Computer/Network Tech Manager
Crews, Barry Students with Disabilities/Paraprofessional
Fead, Clarence Custodial Support
Irvine, Rodney Paraprofessional
Jackson, Nellie Cafeteria
Jones, Shawnee Guidance Info System Specialist
Kinsinger, Gretchen SWD
Price, Jodie SWD
Primm, Peggy Career and Technical Education/Career Center
Richardson, Tammy Guidance Regristrar
Sampson, LaWanza Paraprofessional
Schmidt, Patricia Paraprofessional
Wilkins, Romona Front Office Support