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Contact:  Michael Radel     Phone: (850) 973-5753

MCHS Bookstore - Entrepreneurs

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Dec 2016
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Dec 2016

Vision Statement

We offer varities of quality merchandise at an affordable price which satisfy's our customer needs; and maintaining a positive image of our school product.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer clothing, asscessories, and other products to our customers at affordable prices.  This will include organizational and school designed emblems with custom designed lettering; thereby, providing our customers with guaranteed satisfaction.

Vision and Mission Created by the Entreprenuers in the 2016-2017 School year.


Entrepreneurs of Madison County High School are in the process of silk screening T-shirts and embrodering garments to include hats, shirts, and other clothing articles firstly to our students, faculty, and staff and expand to other organizations at a competitive price.

Store will be located in the cafeteria with hours to be determined at a later date.

Goal 1:  Train all Entrepreneurs in silkscreening T-Shirt, train in customer service skills, and proper care in handling money.  (first nine weeks)

Goal 2:  Establish an inventory of desinged T-shirts that allow modifications made specifically to the customer needs, as well as create and design shirts for school/group organizations. Opening of the MCHS Bookstore. (second nine weeks)

Goal 3:  Expand product line to include vinyle products, embroderied hat and shirts, and additional ceramic products with school and other emblems.  (third nine weeks)

Goal 4:  Student learn the process of manufacturing a product and learning the basic skill through developed business plans, marketing plans, how to price an item, purchasing required products, balancing their monies through spreadsheets and banking, and eventually understanding Income - Expenses = Net Profit. (fourth nine weeks)

MCHS Bookstore is a not for profit entity and all procedes are returned to the school to continue this manufacturing school entriprize with all additional monies being refunded to the Carrer and Technical Education Department.

Currently the store, when opened, will be managed by the Entrepreneurs, but is not limited to the Entrepreneurs but to any Career and Technical Education Department.