The MCHS Alert Roster for Distance Learning is attached in PDF format and listed below for you to review.  If additional information is needed contact the high school at (850) 973-5703.

Name Assignment Email Address Telephone Number
Stalnaker, Sam Principal [email protected] 850-601-0746
Hightower, William Assistant Princ [email protected] 850-601-2515
Williams, Jada Assistant Princ [email protected] 850-601-2353
Allen, Laneka English/Reading [email protected] 850-601-1891
Block, Maryssa CBI/ESE [email protected] 850-973-5732
Coe, Michael PE [email protected] 850-973-5788
Deluca, James Band [email protected] 850-601-0781
Dyke, Monica Health Careers [email protected] 850-601-1596/ 850-673-6248
Elmahdy, Sherin Science/PE [email protected] 850-601-2733
Fletcher, Jason Criminal Justice [email protected] 850-601-1763
Gaddy, Joseph History [email protected] 850-601-1529
Griffin, Susanne Media [email protected] 850-973-5777
Gudz, Brigitte Math/Robotics/ Power and Energy [email protected] 850-601-2791
Hicks, Caulette English  [email protected] 850-601-4936
James, Gale Spanish [email protected] 850-601-2754
Latimer, Tammy History [email protected] 850-601-1274
Latner, RuthAnn Math  [email protected] 850-464-0236
Meinsen, Tim PE/HOPE [email protected] 251-230-9772
Mitchell, Kirkland History [email protected] 850-973-5728
Morris, Kailee Agriculture [email protected] 850-601-0752
Odell, Carol Math [email protected] 850-404-9632/ 912-805-5312
Pettiford, Briana Science  [email protected] 850-601-2714
Phillips, Amanda Science [email protected] 850-601-2608
Postell, Sharon Instructional Coach [email protected] 850-601-4981
Presley, Glyndell English [email protected] 850-601-1863
Radel, Michael Technology [email protected] 850-973-5753
Reams, Savannah Reading [email protected] 850-601-1872
Rickards, Paul ESE SPT [email protected] 850-601-0254
Roderick, Julia Math [email protected] 850-601-2811
Smith, Donald Art [email protected] 850-601-1106
Smith, Robin Culinary/ Early Childhood [email protected] 850-601-2540
Taylor, Joyce ESE Support [email protected] 850-601-2717
Thomas, Barbara Guidance [email protected] 229-269-6598
Wood, Jarrett English [email protected] 850-9735756