Parents, today and Monday, April 13th are “No School” days. Therefore, school work nor attendance check in, is required. Additionally, today and Monday are non working days for MCHS employees. No one will be on campus to hand out student assignments.    Beginning Tuesday, April 14, all teachers will be posting and providing printed work for TWO WEEKS.  Since Monday is a non work day, student work will not be ready until at the earliest Wednesday, April 14. We encourage you to call 850-973-5061 prior to coming to the school to insure the teacher’s work is ready to be copied. Teachers are providing student work according to scheduled classes. MCHS office staff are printing student work when it is requested by the student or parent. You may have to wait a few minutes for office staff to copy the work for you when you come to pick it up; however, feel free to call prior to your arrival and tell the front desk which student you are picking up the work for. Staff will work diligently to have it ready when you arrive.  Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we work through our current situation.

Sam Stalnaker
MCHS Principal