News 1

Senior Parents: As a follow-up, each of you should have received a letter regarding Graduation 2020. I have scheduled a ZOOM web-based meeting which each of you can attend remotely. If you are not familiar with Zoom, you will be able to ask questions and hear responses from others.

To access the meeting, please click on the link below. You will be prompted to join with video if you have a camera on your computer or device you are using. If you select to join with video, please be sure to join with Audio as well.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 955 1174 2180

Password: 7qri5a

Date:  April 27, 6 pm

Sam Stalnaker, Principal MCHS


News 2 - Caps and Gowns from S. Griffin, Senior Sponsor for class of 2020

Brad Maxwell said that unfortunately he does not have a date for cap and gown delivery. Although the factory IS up and running (and caps and gowns are being made and shipped), the staff has been reduced because of state mandates dealing with social distancing in the factory. He said that he will let us know as soon as possible. 
I have had one parent call about caps and gowns (for senior portraits). I think I have a few that we could let people use for portraits and then return if that is an issue.
When you do your next Facebook post, please include this statement: (Mr. Radel, could you please put this on the school website)
All Beta Club members who have not ordered Beta graduation regalia need to do so as soon as possible. Please bring your $34 (exact change) to Ms. Janie Barnes at MCHS between 9:00-2:00 NO LATER THAN Friday, April 24. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Ms. Griffin at 973-5777 or email her at [email protected]
S. Griffin, MCHS Media Center Librarian
News 3 - Bookeepr Janie Barnes MCHS
Hello MCHS Students and Teachers:
If any of your students or athletes (seniors and underclassmen) have not returned a class textbook, sports uniform, fundraiser money, etc. please email me their names, grade, a description of the item, and the amount due.   If any of the students attend JMPHS please indicate that as well so that JMPHS and the students can be notified of the fine.
Also, if students happen to  return any of the items in question directly to you please email me so that I can remove them from the fines list.  
All senior fines must be paid in order for seniors to collect their diploma upon graduation.
If you do not have any students/athletes to report please just reply "none, or N/A" to me only  so that everyone in this email group doesn't have to receive all the responses.
I would like your responses no later than Tuesday, April 21st.  
Thank you!!

Janie D. Barnes


Madison County High School