December 6, 2019

Joint Partnership of Madison County High School benefit clubs in learning of career opportunities with High School High Tech (HSHT), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA).  These clubs have explored the areas of Tallahassee in November and December to help make goals for career choices.

HSHT, FBLA, and HOSA from Madison County High School visited FAMU campus in November, and learned about it educational opportunities with the many degrees provided by the university.  Students from all organizations learned additional information of on campus living, the life of a first year student, and how to connect to make that first year a special one and productive.  Main focus was on the business and medical degrees offered due to the organizations attending.  FAMU is known to land the careers students seek and career placement in making each and every student a success.  The most notable changes to the campus were obvious with new building on the campus being built, especially the one-stop-shop for students which will be completed by 2020 Fall enrollment.  The one question arising with each student was the affordability of the college and the response were that there are many ways to find scholarships offer by FAMU to make it a great journey to attend and earn the degree to make you a successful person in the community.

The first week of December HSHT and FBLA visited Publix’s of Tallahassee where all members learned about the careers that were offered by the company, from what the benefits each employee or “stake holder” since each employee that works at Publix’s love their job.  Here the students learned about each area of the store, starting salary, benefits, and stock options each employee receives.  Publix’s now accepts applications on-line versus at the store kiosk area; when applying for a job it is good to list employees that work there and can vouch for you.


Mike Radel
FBLA Director
HSHT Co-Director