March 30th marked a new era in education for Madison County District Schools. Hat’s off to all for making it a success.  Though there were a few bumps we were able to overcome and continue upon our goal which is to keep learning going.

As well as keeping learning going, we also want to keep all members on staff and working.  Some of us have had to step out of our comfort zone to help, but that is “family.”   Some of us are confronted with life issues which will not allow us to continue with duties as assigned.  If you fall in that category, please contact our Personnel Director. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act has been implemented to address concerns.

We are still faced with a lot of uncertainty for this school year. As of today, our Distance Learning program has been extended until May 1.   And again, we will tackle the issues and continue to do what we do.  But we know if this world still exists that there will be a tomorrow.  Our tomorrow is the next school year which we must begin planning.  With that said, we still have lots of things to accomplish.

Again, thank you for your diligence and hard work.

Shirley D. Joseph
Madison County School District
Superintendent of Schools
[email protected]