Beginning March 30, 2020 Madison County, along with every other county in the state, we will be providing remote learning for our students.  There are specific parameters we must use while we do this.  We have to submit our plan to DOE for approval by Monday.  Teachers will receive the plan on Monday, too.  We will have one week to get everything into place to provide remote instruction for 3 weeks.  Whether or not we will continue remote instruction will be decided by the governor closer to April 15th.


The parameters for our remote learning include:

  1. Systematic communication between students and teachers (Each employee will receive a Google Voice phone number to use.)
  2. A uniform Prek-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 system
  3. A consistent way to track time on task for online students
  4. A process that includes instruction – practice - assessment
  5. A system to track student mastery of content
  6. A system that can produce print materials consistent with online activities


Our district is product rich when it comes to resources and companies have extended licenses so that we can access products for free.  However, we cannot overwhelm our students with too many resources.  And to stay within the parameters, the district had to select specific online products.  Core teachers must use these products so that we can document time on task, the instructional process, and content mastery.


We realize there are many wonderful resources that particular schools use already or that individual teachers use already.  Please remember, our plan requires consistency across the district for grade level bands.  We need to make this as painless as possible for our students and parents.  This will be very difficult for our students.  Some do not have internet access so we must provide lesson packets consistent with our online content.  Teachers will have next week for professional development to make sure everyone is proficient with the instructional programs and communication platforms.  There will also be time to put together paper packets for students without internet access.


I know you have lots of questions.  Hopefully after Monday you will have the answers.


Selected programs

PreK – Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, Classroom Dojo

K-2 – iReady (assigned lessons and learning paths), Classroom Dojo, Independent reading logs

3-5 – iReady (assigned lessons and learning paths), Classroom Dojo, Study Island for science and social studies, Independent reading logs, Top Score

6-8 – Achieve3000 (ELA), Exactpath (Critical Thinking), Study Island (Math, Science & Social Studies), Google Classroom, Top Score

9-12 – Apex Tutorials (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies), Achieve3000 (Research), Exactpath (Intensive Reading), Google Classroom

PE – Physical Activity Logs (submitted weekly on Dojo for K-5 and Google Classroom for 6-12)

Electives – Teachers must provide a plan to your administrator – Google Classroom


We will make it through this.  It’s not the best case scenario, but it keeps our students and employees safe during this turbulent time.  Thank you in advance for your hard work and concern for your students.





Robin B. Hill

Curriculum Director