Madison County High School High Tech Highlight the 2018-2019 School Year

 Members of High School High Tech had their annual banquet to recognize its members, especially the seniors who are graduating this year.  Coleen Agner, Director of High School High Tech (HSHT) and Mike Radel, Co-Director of HSHT, Jodi Price and Maryass Block welcomed all members to the banquet along with special guest from The Able Trust from Tallahassee Allison Chase, MS, Vice President of Youth Programs and Joey  D'Souza, MS, Assistant Vice President of Workforce Programs.  Madison County School Board Lori Newman, Coordinator of ESE and Jennifer Stanley, ESE Secretary, and parents were also our special guest. 

 Madison County HSHT accomplished many things that benefited our students this pass year from the "Job Pooloza," visiting several college campuses, Publix's of Tallahassee, Disney, and help celebrate Teacher's Appreciation Week with Pizza for the school's teachers and staff.  Also recognized Lindsey Wilsey for competing in The Able Trust District HSHT speech competition and Samantha McGuire, Rikayla Henderson, and Lindsey for garnering industry certification within the medical and technical fields.

 We salute our seniors:  Henry Hamilton, Rikayla Henderson, Samantha McGuire, Stephanie Siplin, Lynsey Wilsey, and Aaron Cooper (mentorship with HSHT), and recognized our on-going members, Alexis Anderson, Makayla and Malik Bell, and Jasmine Bryant.

 Madison County HSHT, the recipient of The Able Trust award for being the best HSHT within the state, works hard to help our students, and it take teamwork to make it successful.  "We are up and ready for next year," Agner stated.

 By Mike Radel
Co-Director HSHT