MCHS High Tech Entrepreneurs

The MCHS High Tech had the opportunity to learn about being an entrepreneur from Ms. Sherin Elmahdy, our ninth grade high school Science teacher.  Ms. Elmahdy spoke to the students regarding starting your own business.  She discussed about her clothing business when she lived in Iowa, and one aspect involved the manufacturing/screen-printing T-shirts which some of the High Tech members can relate to.

She went into the process of first acquiring a place to set up the business and based on the type of business it all about location, location, location.  You need to decide to either rent or purchase the facility where you will conduct your business, for example, she purchased her building and utilized the bottom floor for her business and then utilized the apartments above for rentals.  Ms. Elmahdy then discussed that the first year is the hardest which was why she rented the two apartments on top to offset cost if the business failed, but for her, the business thrived.

She then went into the soft skills or customer service skills on assisting the customers that visited the store.  You need to put your people skills into action and ask pleasantries questions such as:  what a nice day for shopping, maybe questions about the weather, or strike up a conversation if it’s during the holidays.  Of course, the main thing is find out what he or she wants, and if it is just one item, more than likely with your people skills. the customer will purchase more than one item.

Mike Radel
Co-Dierector HSHT