Click this hyperlink to view video on how your student can access their courses on google classroom:

MCHS Parents and Community: MCHS Faculty and staff have been diligently working to simplify the "new way " of learning for your student. As previously mentioned, each teacher has created a Google Classroom which they will use to deliver instruction. The teacher will post reading assignments, written assignments, physical activity and much more. Students and teachers will be able to communicate through Google Classroom as well as Google Voice.

The first two pictures of my post show you the  course access codes for all classes at MCHS. Your child must use the access codes for their classes to enroll into each class on their schedule. The remaining pictures show you the step by step process used to access a Google Classroom.

To try to simply Google Classroom, Coach Gaddy and I created a video which will show you the step by step process of joining a class and using Google Classroom. I have, also, created multiple pictures of each step to use as a reference.

We need your help for the next important pieces of the puzzle. First, please make sure your children JOIN their respective classes in Google Classroom. Secondly, make sure you children commit and complete all assigned materials. Lastly, Parents, we need for your complete support as we work through these next few days. Remember, this is new to us also.




Sam Stalnaker


Madison County High School