Career and Technical Education Month – February
Business Tech
Teacher: Mr. Mike Radel

There are currently two Career and Technical Education (CTE) tracks that students are currently enrolled in this school year: Web Development and Entrepreneurship.

            Both course focuses on broad, transferable skills, and stresses understanding and demonstration on the following elements of the web and digital design services and by being an entrepreneur.  Preparing each student one at a time for career, technical college, college, and community. 

The web development track offers industry certification in Microsoft Office which a student must complete three Microsoft software Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and/or Access to become a Microsoft Specialist.  Students that are also dual enrolled at North Florida College can earn up to two electives by earning this certification from the high school.  We also offer Adobe CS6 Industry Certification for Dreamweaver for creating web pages, Flash for creating technology for web and mobile devices in movie animation, InDesign for commercial printing, and Photoshop Cloud that allow you to create the best photos for publishing and web development.

The Entrepreneurship track allows student who are thinking on entering the business world to learn the ropes of being their own business person.  This is done by investing their own money (or with investors) and innovative ideas that benefit job flexibility, freedom and control of every aspect of their job!  The first course principles of entrepreneurship, second business laws, and the third course is business ownership (learning how to market your business) making your business a success.  These students own and operate the MCHS T-Shirt manufacturing business, run the school book store.  This student driven business, not teacher driven, allows the students make T-Shirts during their class period.  The first group of students that began this track will be CTE completers this year—congratulate entrepreneurs!

Students that complete either career track will earn points for the Florida Goal Seal Vocational Scholar Award.  When a student graduates, colleges love to see industry certification on high school transcripts as well as their academic score on their transcripts.

Career and Technical Education is one way to that career objective!  This year joining the Business Tech is Donn Smith, from the Art Department, is assisting in teaching Digital Information Technological course and next year’s course in Cus Promo Layout.