Teachers, as our Virtual Education continues to evolve, I needed to give you some updated guidance.

  1. Teachers will need to turn in (email or deliver) a single copy of your class work and expectations for the following week no later than the end of the day on Thursday.
  1. I have paraprofessionals scheduled to come and work on campus periodically (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). These paraprofessionals will be printing, distributing, collecting and storing printed student assignments. Paras working on Friday will print and collate your assignments and have them ready for distribution on Monday. Those working on Monday, will distribute and collect assignments which are turned in for the previous week. Paras working on Wednesday will provide instructional clerical work.
  1. Teachers will need to come to the school by the end of the day on Tuesday’s to pick up any ‘hard copy printed work that is turned in on Monday. You will need to call the school to see if you have any work to pick up. No need to waste a trip.
  1. When you come to the school to pick up work, you may enter the building on the flag pole side and are being asked to remain in the lobby area. No one is permitted to enter their classrooms without making prior arrangements.
  1. All student work should be graded and entered into Skyward within a week of the due date or within a week of the Tuesday you pick up the printed packet.

Sam Stalnaker
Madison County High School