MCHS has implemented a home room for students this 2018-2019 year; and each student will have the same teacher until you graduate.  Listed are your home room teacher based on graduating class:

Home Room will be on Fridays 1st Period

Class of 2022

Jarrett Mullins
Sherin Elmahdy
Jarrod Blanton
Lanika Allen
Tim Meinsen

Class of 2021
Jason Fletcher
Gale James
Ruth Ann Latner
Fred Minor
Monica Dyke
Kailee Morris

Class of 2020
Angenette Aikens
Brigitte Gudz
Kirkland Mitchell
Amanda Phillips}
Mike Radel
Caulette Hicks

Class of 2019
Gary Dale
Glyndell Presley
Donn Smith
Robin Smith
Jo Dale
Brandi Raulerson