MCHS Young Men Learn about the “Ties That Bind”

     Department of Health provided Madison County High School young male students a motivational event Friday, April 12, 2019, at the gym.  The opening of this event was the pledge of allegiance by Wilhelm Kopke and followed with a Welcoming from Principal Wildgoose.

     Ms. Latoya Newby, Department of Health, Program Manager, talked to the student on how to conduct themselves and how to interact with Law Enforcement.  Ms. Newby, also stated that it was to motivate the students to, “Always put you best foot forward, dressing for appearance and dressing for success.”

     School Resource Officer, Maurice Alexander spoke to the students about “How to Interact with Law Enforcement.”  He talked about Respect, Pride, and being polite and be courtesy.  When you display confidences and humility, you will grow to be a better man.

     Ms. Tamara Johnson did a runway of fashion for dressing for success.  Many of the students wore collared shirts, dress slacks, and dress suites for all ages. 

     CEO of JBU LLC Youth Mentoring Program, Kelvin Mattair gave a motivational speech on “Jut Be You” by making right decision.  His main thought for each student, “The time you spend is beneficial to you; remember you have 1080 minutes a day, and you should treat it as money, use it wisely.”

     Mr. Merv Mattair and the participants, spent time demonstrating on the proper procedures to wear and tie a tie.  Each and every student received a brand new tie and a notebook to assist them in their journey toward success.


Mike Radel