September 6, 2017

1:00 PM

Hurricane Irma Storm Update


Madison County Commissioners are meeting at 5:15 this afternoon to consider declaring a local state of emergency in preparation of the Hurricane Irma.  County staff are communicating constantly with state officials and closely watching the storm’s track.  Small changes in the storm’s direction can make a big difference in our protective actions. 

At this time, Madison County Schools are planning to be open Thursday, September 7 and Friday September 8, 2017. Any future decisions regarding school closures will be decided as the storm track progresses.


Madison County will be seeing an influx of evacuees from South Florida. All motel rooms are full.  Campgrounds still have campsites available. Madison County Emergency Management and local churches are preparing to assist the Red Cross in opening Host Shelters for out of county evacuees. We will issue a new press release when the Host Shelters become available. 

As weather conditions warrant, we may open the Madison County Central School (MCCS) for those people living in Madison County that need a safe place to ride out the storm. MCCS is the ONLY approved risk shelter in our county designed to withstand storm force winds.


A new update will be available tomorrow at 1:00 PM, or as new information becomes available. Please visit the Madison County Emergency Management Facebook page for up to date weather and storm preparation information.

Please continue to monitor the official Madison County School District website and Facebook page for current ALERTS regarding Hurricane Irma. 

Lori Newman

District of Madison County High school