Suwannee Valley Region is the largest land based region in the state consisting of these 10 counties: Baker, Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Madison, Suwanee, & Union

Link to the Awards Ceremony video:

Individual Placings by Category:

Behavioral and Social Sciences

2nd place Jasmine Bryan “A Cross-Examination of Stereotypical Gender Roles Presented in High-Risk Online Behaviors”

3rd place Whitney Raines “How Does Music Affect Academic Performance?”

Biomedical & Health Science

1st place Javonnah Wims “Cigarettes Vs Vapor Pens”

2nd Place Caitlyn Akins “Which Form Of Caffeine has the Greatest Effect on Vital Signs?”

3rd place Malachi Williams “Do Energy Drinks Have an Effect on Your Performance While Sprinting?”

Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

1st place Yanet Serrano “How Does Extracellular pH of Agar Affect Genetic Transformation Frequency of GFP Transformed E. coli”

2nd Place Kaila Smith & Zytavious Gee-Washington “What Function Does the Polysaccharide Fucoidan Extracted from Undaria pinnatifida Have on the Regulation of Apoptosis in Caenorhabditis elegans? Proof to Concept for Cancer Cell Treatment”


1st place Sophia Dowdy “If I Consume Papaver sominifera, How Will It Affect a Urine Drug Test?”


1st place Mattie Barnes “What is the Most Effective, Yet Natural Way to Prevent Mold and Bacterial Growth on Citrus?”

2nd place Olivia Galbraith “Does the Influence of Wastewater Treatment Plants Have an Effect on Antibiotic Resistant Strains of Fecal Bacteria in Municipal Water Supplies?”

3rd place Sa’Mya Wright “Will It Kill?!”

Physics & Astronomy

1st place Aleida Hernandez “Aerodynamics, Semi-Truck, & Trailer”

2nd place Bailey Hackle “What Type of Paint Keeps the Coolest Temperature”

Plant Sciences

3rd place Hannah Sparks “Does Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria in Agriculture Work Better Than Fertilizer Alone?”

Special Awards

Association for Women Geoscientists Award- Hannah Sparks

Mu Alpha Theta Award- Kaila Smith & Zytavious Gee-Washington

NASA Earth System Science Award- Hannah Sparks

Society for In Vitro Biology Award- Olivia Galbraith

Florida Association of Science Teachers Award- Mattie Barnes

Lindsey Saunders-Bone Outstanding Presentation Award- Mattie Barnes

Haico Airframes Aviation Award- Aleida Hernandez

Stockholm Junior Water Prize- Olivia Galbraith

Kelly Gray Engineering Award- Aleida Hernandez

Overall Best Physical Science Project in the Fair- Yanet Serrano

Winning-most Senior Teacher- Amanda Phillips

State Delegates for our Suwannee Valley Region (These students will represent our area at State Competition March 24-27th)

Yanet Serrano

Jasmine Bryan

Whitney Raines

Javonnah Wims

Hannah Sparks

Sophia Dowdy

Maddie Barnes

Kaila Smith

Zytavious Gee-Washington

Bailey Hackle

Aleida Hernandez

Alternate for our Region- Abby Ratliff