We competed in 3 fairs this year: Our District, Regionals and State. Here are the results for the Regionals and State:
Suwannee Valley Regional Science Fair Feb 15-16th This is the LARGEST region in the state with 10 counties competing. Our kids did awesome and came home with the most awards out of any county!
  • I won the high scoring teacher award due to having the most winners in the region.
  • 4 kids qualified for state!! (3 qualifiers and 1 as alternate! Halie Wetherington, Jasmine Bryan, Jessie Roberts, and alternate is Caroline Jennings) 
  • Big winner of the day was Halie Wetherington. Halie won 1st in her microbiology division, national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration “taking the pulse of the planet” Prize, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, and a TRIP to the Genius Science Olympiad in Oswego, NY this summer to represent the area! And she was chosen to go to state.
  • Jessie Roberts got 2nd in a HUGE division and won US Air Force SR division Prize Package and state qualifier
  • Jasmine Bryan won a very competitive chemistry division and state qualifier
  • Caroline Jennings is alternate to state for our area. She finished 3rd in Microbiology. 
  • Benton Ebberson won 3rd in Behavioral science
  • Grace Galbraith won 3rd in Chemistry
  • RJ Williams won 3rd in Physics 
There our state qualifiers were decided by the Regional Judges. Madison County High School had 3 students and an alternate who qualified for the Florida State Science and EngineeringFair
  1. Halie Wetherington (9th grade) project is entitled "What Bacteria is in Our Rivers and Affecting Surrounding Counties?"  Halie's project was intended to survey the environmental impact the fecal contamination from the City of Valdosta's multiple sewage contamination events, have on our local 3 river system. She took water samples from various locations along the 3 rivers and tested the amounts of fecal bacteria present in the water in Madison County High School's Biotechnology Lab. 
  2. Jasmine Bryan (9th grade) who's project is entitled "Does Tea Stain Your Teeth?" and stems from her family connection to dental hygenics, 
  3. and Jessie Roberts (9th Grade) for her project entitled "Does Water Intake Affect Athletic Performance?"  Which is an obvious reference to her athletic career!
  4. and an alternate for the region Caroline Jennings (11th grade) for her project on "Is it Safe to Eat Something Dropped on the Floor?" where she explored the 5-second rule and how it applies to wet and dry foods differently.

Florida State Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF)  March 27th-29th Lakeland, FL
The Florida State Science and Engineering Fair is an ISEF affiliated fair (Intel international science fair qualifier) www.ssefflorida.com for more information on the fair. They also have a facebook page with photos and videos from this year's fair on there. Just to qualify is a staggering feat. This year’s Fair had 820+ projects exhibited with over 875 Finalists in Junior (grades 6-8) and Senior Sections (grades 9-12). It is quite an honor just to make it to state in Florida as it is a top 4 state in the country. If you can imagine, out of all the students in EVERY Florida school who compete, only 900 in the entire state were chosen and Madison county had 3! The fair was in Lakeland, FL March 27th-29th at the RP Funding Center
The 3 Madison County High Schoolers chosen to represent our Suwannee Valley Region did exceptionally well. All 3 girls are exemplary scholars and 2 are also outstanding athletes (Halie and Jessie) who juggle classwork and athletics well. The girls all had a great time at SSEF in Lakeland, FL and want to come back next year and compete again! 
Results for State:
  • Halie Wetherington, Jasmine Bryan and Jessie Roberts received State Finalist Certificates.
  • Halie Wetherington received a Special Recognition award in Microbiology at state for her project

Amanda Phillips, Science Teacher