Career and Technical Education Month – February
Agriculture Foundations
Instructor/Teacher: Ms. Kalie Morris

MCHS Agriculture Foundations Agritechnology program is a highly sophisticated operation. Students we exposed to a variety of farm equipment and have numerous opportunities to learn to operate such equipment with necessary skills for employment in the agriculture industry.

Students learn skill sets necessary in the growth, production and sale of cattle and hogs. To decrease the cost to the school, students grow and manufacture a large portion of the livestock, feed necessary for their successful program operations.

Each student is exposed to the manufactu4e of animal feed which is mostly grown on MCHS campus.

Future Farmers of America (FFA) is the Career and Technical Student Organization. This very active organization envision a future in which all agricultural education students discover their passion in life and build on that insight to chart the course for their education, career, and personal future.

This month alone, during Career and Technical Month the will be hosting a BBQ for its members and family; upcoming big event is the Live Stock show in Madison, where the student bring and show their animals. To close the month out, they will be selling plants to members of the school and community to continue to raise funds for the club.

Ms. Kaliee Morris, a former alumnus, is the instructor/teacher for Agritechnology program--this is her first year teaching and she is already a pro