JUNIORS WILL BE CALLED TO THE GYM AT 9:00 and will remain in the gym until 10:15 (end of 2nd period).

SENIORS WILL BE CALLED TO THE GYM AT 10:3 and will remain in the gym until 11:45 (end of 4th period).                                                                                                        

COLLEGE & CAREER DAY                      Juniors: 9:00-10:15 am               Seniors 10:30-11:45 am

  1. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (Ms. Lizzie Whitehead)
  2. Aveda Institute (Ms. Julia Frockt)
  3. Big Bend Technical College (Ms. Debra Caley)
  4. Career Source North Florida (Ms. Deborah Cohn)
  5. Department of Corrections/Lake Butler (Officer Garret Nickols)
  6. Florida A & M University (Mr. Lester Ferrier)
  7. Florida State University (Ms. Julie Rubin)
  8. Georgia Military College (Mr. Yancy Romini)
  9. J-Tech Institute (Mr. Larry Arnold)
  10. Keiser University (Ms. Ruth Herrle)
  11. Life South Community Blood Centers (Ms. Whitney Ingram)
  12. Madison Correctional Institute (Sergeant Patricia Hall)
  13. North Florida College/NFCC (Ms. Kelly Zimmerly,Ms.  Windy Gamble & Ms. Heather Smith) 


  1.  Fire & Rescue (Ms. Lisa Jordan)
  2.  Madison Co. Building Dept. (Mr. Rick Anderson)           (Madison Co. Coord. Mr. Brian Kauffman)
  3.  County Planner (Mrs. Renee Demps)   


  1. Riveroak Technical College (Ms. Julie Ulmer/Mr. Jeff Lee)
  2. Saint Leo University (Ms. Jessica Markham)
  3. 19.  Southern Regional Technical College (Ms. Laura Kelly)
  4. Tallahassee Community College

(Mr. Marcus Nicolas, Desiree Gorman, Jennifer Helms, Darren McFarlane)

  1. Thomas University (Mr. Josh Barrett)
  2. 22.  Tri-County Electric Cooperative (Ms. Kaitlyn Culpepper)
  3. 23.  Trio at FAMU (Mr. Louis Delbert, Mr. Oliver Sapp)
  4. University of Florida (Mr. Keaton Lampkin)
  5. 25.  University of North Florida (Mr. Roger Catangui)
  6. Valdosta State University (Mr. Nick Harrison)
  7. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College (Ms. Jessica Thornhill



  1. Air Force (Sergeant Richard Korjack)
  2. 29.  Florida National Guard (Sergeant Richard Hunter)
  3. Marine Corp (Sergeant Jose Rodriguez) *bringing pull-up bar
  4. Navy (Sergeant Austin Sullivan)