Career and Technical Education Month – February
Criminal Justice
Instructor/Teacher: Mr. Jason Fletcher
Writer:  Darian Alexander (Ms. Presley’s Senior English)

Many schools, such as Madison County High School (MCHS), has welcomed three courses to signify the operations and careers that embraces and develops justice by hand. This program influences career studies such as Forensics, Victims Advocate, Crime Scene Analyst, Police Detective, and more.

Students enroll in Criminal Justice course are immersed into a variety of scenarios where each has the opportunity to learn about careers in the Criminal Justice field.  Students learn through the integration of hands-on instruction with DNA analysis, finger printing techniques, evidence collection and crime scene analysis. Each student will have an opportunity to participate in “mock” trial simulation providing a high level of instruction surrounding the judicial system providing them with an exploration of the criminal justice system as it relates to trends and technological advances in Criminal Justice.  Additionally, students develop competencies in crime and accident investigation procedures, forensic science tasks, crime prevention and property control procedures.

Mr. Fletcher not only teaches Criminal Justice is also MCHS Coach for the Baseball and Golf teams.