Career and Technical Education Month – February
Early Child and Culinary
Instructor/Teacher: Mrs. Robin Smith

Writer:  Dylan Cole (Mrs. Smith Culinary Student)


Madison County High School (MCHS) has an exciting program called Culinary Arts.  Students who select this program will have the opportunity to learn skills necessary to work in the foods industry. Many of these skills are necessary to either own or operate a high-end restaurants. This program is composed of four sub-courses titled Culinary Arts 1,2,3,4.  In most high schools, Culinary Arts 1-3 are taught while Culinary Arts 4 may be taught at a technical school or college.  However, all four courses integrate math and science into the instruction offering a well-rounded program.  ServSafe® certification is offered at the end of the course curriculum.

In addition, Early Childhood Education (ECE) program consisting of three courses which build upon skills learned in the previous course. Students begin the program by taking ECE 1 and become program completers once they finish ECE 3. Students who are enrolled in these courses have the opportunity to take the Department of Children and Families (DCF) mandatory certification leading to Early Childhood Professional Certification. Students continuing their education in Early Childhood may enroll at a community college of their choice to continue their education with Early Childhood 4 and subsequently take the Child Development Associate examination.

Mrs. Smith has a very active Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).  Her students participate in numerous state and national competitions. These students travel across the state and nation to participate in FCCLA sponsored activates providing each participant with opportunities to learn extensive leadership skills which can transfer and be utilized within the work place upon graduation.  During the National FCCLA week her member hosted and completed various projects for them, students, teachers and faculty.