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April 9, 2020

Parents of the MCI-IS Class of 2020:

Currently, the status of our 2019-2020 school year is unknown. Whether we will return to MCHS or not is a question we cannot answer at this time; however, what we do know is that your son/daughter has spent the last 13 years of their lives working towards graduating from high school. Regardless of whether we return to MCI-IS campus or not for the remainder of this school year, I strongly believe, as a school and community, we owe it to our students to give them what they have earned and deserve which is a graduation ceremony. When or what fashion is the unknown.

Our school year is scheduled to end on Friday, May 22 and this date is rapidly coming upon us. Graduation is scheduled for 8:00pm on the 22nd but can we hold it then? Will the travel and social distancing be lifted? Will life return to normal again? At this time, these are questions that our school and district office are unable to answer due to the unknown issues of the COVID- 19 Virus.

In order to follow CDC Guidelines, I would like to schedule a virtual meeting with the parents and students of the CLASS OF 2020 at 6:00 pm on either Tuesday, April 21 st or Monday, April 27th. During this meeting will discuss the plans for MCI-IS graduation and the options available to us at that time. We would normally have this meeting here at our school and in person, however; due to the concern of social distancing, we will have to conduct this very important meeting virtually. Our district has established the technology to hold virtual meetings using ZOOM. Parents will be able to participate using ZOOM by either video and sound or just by sound. In addition, we will record this meeting and post this on Facebook and our school 's website for those who might not be able to participate. We will confirm the date of this meeting by Tuesday, April 14 and will post on MCI-IS Facebook page, MCHS webpage and make a MCHS call out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me at 850-973-5704 or [email protected]


Sam Stalnaker
Principal, MCHS

A .pdf file is filed with this document